St. Francis School operates first, to serve the needs of St. Francis parishioners with children that are seeking a Catholic Education. Once that need is fulfilled, we seek to serve other Catholic parents from neighboring parishes without schools or those that are unable to secure a space for their children. If space remains, we are then open to all other applicants. Registration means that the family is willing to comply with the programs and policies of the school and actively participate in the activities which support the school in its programs and philosophy. Catholic schools are a primary means of Catholic education. The Catholic school is to assist Catholic families in the formation and education of their children in the Catholic faith, Gospel values, and traditions.
The parish has made and continues to make a significant financial contribution to this school; parents receiving subsidy are reminded that the expectations for this assistance are regular Mass attendance/contribution as well as supporting the Parish with their time and talents. The pastor,is the sole person responsible for the approval of Parish Tuition Subsidy.
Priority of Admission
1.    Catholic Parishioner siblings
2.    Catholic non-Parish siblings
3.    Catholic Parishioners
4.    Catholic non-Parish members
5.    Non-Catholic siblings
6.    Non-Catholics

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