St. Francis Parent Service Organization (PSO) invites you to join us to make a difference in education and for children to have positive, rewarding time learning.  We realize how important your children are to you and that you want the best for them.  Do you want to make a difference in your school, home and community?  Do you wish you could have more say and involvement in what happens in your children’s school?  Being a member of PSO can help you achieve that!  We all know children learn more and have better lives when parents, school staff, students and the community work together.

The PSO strives to bring these groups together to share thoughts and ideas about programs and activities that benefit children and families.  Our PSO provides information and resources through newsletters, family programs, parent meetings, and other communication channels. 

Some of the programs that PSO sponsors are: 

  • Mathletics program
  • Family Fun Nights – Remember Minute to Win It?
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • Student and Parent Educational and Developmental Presentations
  • Father/Daughter Dance
  • Mother/Son Bowling
  • Magazine Sales
  • Catholic Schools Week

Volunteers have an important and valuable role at St. Francis School. The help you give is essential in enhancing the education of our students and building the community of families. Some volunteers may assist in organizing major events such as the Friar Trot; others may provide help with serving lunch.  Still others may help shelve books in the library, chaperone field trips, or work with the PSO on fundraisers.  Besides supporting the school, your volunteer efforts teach our children the joy and obligation we all have to give some of our precious time to worthwhile causes.  We hope you find your volunteer experience to be a rewarding one. 

As a member of the St. Francis community, we are obligated to provide 40 hours of volunteer service to the school, of which 10 hours, must be associated with the Auction.  A handful of grades currently require specification expectations of the parents which are outlined below.   The requirements associated with management and oversight of the annual school Auction is actively being evaluated by Principal Fadden and we will be updated with any changes within the next few months.
  • 5th Grade – Parents of this grade must dedicate 7 hours of their volunteer hours to Friar Trot activities.  This is due to the fact that Jog-A-Thon net proceeds are used to pay for 6th grade Outdoor School and thus are “banking” funds for their following year.
  • 7th Grade – Parents of this grade are responsible to organize Field Day activities and the Snack Shack.

In late April, currently enrolled parents are expected to attend Volunteer Sign-Ups for the upcoming academic school year and sign up for a minimum of 20 hours of the 30 non-Auction share hours and all 10 hours of the Auction share hours.  Un-met share hours will be billed at $25.00 per hour and must be cleared at the time of registration to complete registration for the upcoming academic school year.  Parents also have the option to buy out of share hours prior to the start of each academic school year. 

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