School Wide Learning Expectations (SLE's)

A graduate of St. Francis School is a faith-filled person who
demonstrates a strong sense of Gospel values.

• Understands, respects, and models Roman Catholic traditions
• Actively celebrates liturgies, sacraments, and prayer
• Serves the needs of all God’s creations

A graduate of St. Francis School is a life-long learner who demonstrates
responsibility for his or her learning.

• Solves problems using critical and creative thinking skills.
• Communicates effectively through written and oral language
• Works well independently as well as cooperatively
• Sets goals
• Reads for enjoyment and learning
• Participates in the arts
• Utilizes technology (and tools) ethically and effectively
• Is willing to risk making mistakes

A graduate of St. Francis School is a compassionate person who
demonstrates responsibility for personal actions.

• Respects the rights, dignity and diversity of all people
• Fosters a spirit of cooperation and sharing
• Resolves conflicts peacefully and fairly
• Accepts guidance

A graduate of St. Francis School is a healthy person who demonstrates
respect for mind, body and life.

• Displays growth towards self-confidence
• Makes healthy life choices
• Practices good sportsmanship
• Is physically active

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