Our goal is to create an environment infused with opportunities to live out the teachings of Jesus. One way to accomplish this is by moving beyond the school and into the parish and Sherwood communities. The teachers worked with their students to come up with ideas for their classroom projects.
SERVICE Projects 2012/2013
Kindergarten National Guard Toy Drive
First Grade Oregon Humane Society
Second Grade Cards, books and letters for those in need in the parish – on-going
Storytelling at Cedar Creek Assisted Living - monthly
Third Grade Cards with second grade buddies for soldiers overseas – on-going
Family Bridge House
Fourth Grade Leukemia/Lymphoma Pennies for Patients
Fifth Grade K.A.P.
Kids Against Poverty
Sixth Grade St. Francis Campus Maintenance
Seventh Grade K.A.P.
Kids Against Poverty
Eighth Grade Cedar Creek Assisted Living/Set up for Mass/Clean the Church
Every Friday beginning October 7th/Wednesdays

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