Philosophy Statement

St. Francis School exists as a living example of a Catholic community in action. A community in which all members (parents, teachers, and clergy) assume responsibility for the school. Recognizing the elementary years as critical to the spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional as well as the physical development of the child, we seek to provide a safe and supportive atmosphere for the full development of each child.

Working in close alliance with the parents, who we recognize as the primary educators of our students, the professional educators seek to provide a thorough and complete education in light of the Gospel message. We seek to provide the students with the tools to develop an attitude as well as with the knowledge to be responsible citizens that hold a set of values that reflect a Catholic view of goodness and caring.

While we strive to hold high standards we seek to always be mindful of those that struggle and to strive to provide for them to the best of our ability and means. In this way, and in this Catholic/Christian environment, we hope to give our students the skills and values necessary to cope with the pressures of life in the world today.

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